International Coastal Cleanup

International Coastal Cleanup

a group of people pick up trash on Fowl RiverAlabama Coastal Cleanup, held every third Saturday in September, is a participant of the larger International Coastal Cleanup. This event engages people globally to collect trash that pollutes our waterways, making our coasts cleaner and our ocean healthier.  We encourage you to participate in this year’s Alabama Coastal Cleanup to help benefit your local community as well as take part in an activity that occurs worldwide.

It is no secret that pollution is a large and global problem. This is especially true for our oceans and beaches. These places are filled with huge amounts of man-made items that are lost or discarded every day. Our trash has been found in every corner of our oceans, from the most remote shorelines, to ice in the Artic, and even the deepest parts of the sea floor. The good news is that this is preventable and that taking the effort to cleanup helps.

Fun Fact: The International Coastal Cleanup Day was founded in 1986!

The International Coastal Cleanup Day was founded by two women that had previously worked at the Ocean Conservancy, Linda Maraniss and Kathy O’Hara. Their main goal was to bring awareness to the large amounts of trash polluting local beaches while bringing the community together. What started as an effort to reduce beach pollution turned into much more. In addition to picking up trash, they asked volunteers to record what they collected. So, in addition to cleaning beaches and waterways, volunteers now contribute to what has become the world’s largest database on marine debris.

Fun Fact: Over 80% of our oceans are unexplored!

dumpster with trash collected during cleanupSince the start of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, over 17 million cleanup volunteers have collected more than 348 million pounds of trash from over 150 countries. Participating each year has numerous benefits, including cleaner beaches, less pollution, and the opportunity to meet the community and socialize. This year it will be held on Saturday, September 17th. If you cannot participate on this day, don’t fret; any day is a great day to clean your local beaches and help the environment around you.

Fun Fact: 90% of Earth’s marine life is found in the shallow waters near land!

Some of the most commonly found trash polluting beaches include cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic straws, bottle caps, and plastic bottles. The common denominator between all these particles is most of them are plastic! While convenient for humans, plastic is the single most destructive particle on our beaches and waters. People must pick up after themselves when enjoying a beach day and bring their trash to the trash can or recycling bins.

Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022

2022 Alabama Coastal Cleanup is also held on 17 September 2022.

Check the Alabama Coastal Cleanup Zones find the cleanup site nearest you.

How To Get Involved in Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022?

If you’re interested in getting into Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022, you can find more ways to get involved!


Let’s Get Involved to get the Trash Out of the Splash at the 35th Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup on SEPTEMBER 17, 2022!

Check More Details about the Sponsors of the 2022 Alabama Coastal Cleanup.

For more details and participation, kindly fill out the form to contact Alabama Coastal Cleanup.



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