Alabama Coastal Cleanup | The International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022

Alabama Coastal Cleanup | The International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022

Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022 Day held on Saturday, September 17th in the, 2022 Year.  International Coastal Cleanup Day is celebrated yearly to cleanup the coastal sea or ocean and bring awareness of relative pollution.  This movement brings together the beach cleanup volunteers and beach cleanup organizations who clean the coastal and improve the beaches around them.  On this website, you can find all the information regarding how to participate in Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022 and the information regarding Coastal Cleanup Day.

The International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022

As the world population continues to rise, pollution levels remain high, especially in our oceans and beaches. The sea takes up around 70% of our planet, with an estimated one million species of marine life inhabiting it. With that number in mind, around 46,000 pieces of plastic can be found in every mile of the ocean; put into perspective, that’s a lot of plastic! Since plastic can’t decompose, as it sits in the water, it disintegrates into tiny pieces that can even be found in our food and water supply. This year, participating in the International Coastal Cleanup won’t only be beneficial for our beaches but our sea friend’s homes and our well-being.

Fun Fact: The International Coastal Cleanup Day was founded in 1986!

The International Coastal Cleanup Day was founded by two women that had previously worked at the Ocean Conservancy, Linda Maraniss and Kathy O’Hara. Their main goal in starting this international day was to bring awareness to the large amounts of trash polluting local beaches while bringing the community together. What started as an effort to reduce beach pollution turned into much more. A study was conducted on the variety of trash particles found on different local beaches, which included determining where the trash originated, how long it would take to disintegrate, and what impact it would have on the ocean and the marine life living in it. Once these findings were identified, local governments were notified of the discoveries and the industries producing trash. Today, industries producing trash found on beaches could face bans on the disposing of product waste into the ocean and even bans on producing the product itself.

Fun Fact: Over 90% of our oceans are unexplored!

Since the start of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, there have been over 6 million cleanup volunteers in more than 30 decades! Almost 100 countries participate in this day worldwide to improve the well-being of the beaches around them. This day has become the most significant annual preservation and volunteer effort for our oceans and beaches worldwide. In 2018, 23 million pounds of trash had been removed since the start of this day, almost a quarter-million pounds! Participating each year has numerous benefits, including cleaner beaches, less pollution, and the opportunity to meet the community and socialize. The International Coastal Cleanup Day held on Saturday, September 17th. If you cannot participate on this day, don’t fret; any day is a great day to clean your local beaches and help the environment around you.

Fun Fact: 94% of Earth’s wildlife is found in the ocean!

Some of the most commonly found trash polluting beaches include cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic straws, bottle caps, and plastic bottles. The common denominator between all these particles is most of them are plastic! While convenient for humans, plastic is the single most destructive particle on our beaches and waters. People must pick up after themselves when enjoying a beach day and bring their trash to the trash can or recycling bins.

Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022

May be an image of text that says "Get the Trash Out of the Splash! 35TH ANNUAL ALABAMA COASTAL CLEANUP Sat., Sept. 17, 2022 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m. a.m. 8:00 12:00 TMAO visit or call 251-621-1216"

The local and nearby Alabama volunteers join on Coastal Cleanup Day, held every year to clean up the Alabama Coastal Area.

2022 Alabama Coastal Cleanup Day is also held on 17 September 2022, the International Coastal Cleanup Day.

Check the Alabama Coastal Cleanup Zones to know where the coastal cleanup day 2022 is scheduled.

How To Get Involved in Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022?

If you’re interested in getting into Alabama Coastal Cleanup 2022, you can find more ways to get involved!

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Let’s Get Involved to get the Trash Out of the Splash at the 35th Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup on SEPTEMBER 17, 2022!

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