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Alabama Debris History

In 2017, more than 5,200 volunteers removed over 35,000 pounds of trash at the 30th Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup. Also collected were more than 2,000 pounds of recycling thanks to the hard work and dedication of leaders and volunteers who implemented a new recycling partnership. Remarkably two Boy Scouts even found a large sum of cash and turned it in.


What you can do everyday to prevent marine debris

The Alabama Coastal Foundation works to make a positive impact on Alabama’s Coastal areas. They help to organize events like the Alabama Coastal Cleanup, National Esturaires Week, Leave Only Footprints, and the Oyster Shell Recycling Program. Data from the International Coastal Cleanup, gathered by The Ocean Conservancy, has shown us what we can do to help prevent the runoff of trash into local waterways.
Recycle when possible and be aware of each facilities individual guidelines on how to properly recycle.
Keep resuable grocery bags in the car to reduce the number of disposable bags.
Make sure your debris is bagged and removed during beach trips, picnics, games, or fishing and boating trips.
Pick up litter when you see it and dispose of it properly.
If you smoke, plan ahead to dispose your cigarette filters, cigar tips, and packaging.
Dispose of medical and hygiene products properly rather than flushing them.
Report debis that you suspect may have been illegally dumped.
Volunteer at a local cleanup event, or participate in local conservation efforts with your time, or monetary donations.

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Recycle used and discarded fishing line

To protect swimmers, divers, marine animals, and boat motors, please recycle your fishing line. Discarded monofilament fishing line takes more than 600 years before it starts to biodegrade, and putting it in the garbage will not keep it out of our local waterways. Recycle your fishing line at one of the White PVC Bins (Monofilamant and Recycling bins) located at the sites below.

Baldwin County Indoor Bins
Gulf Shores Marine Resource Office
Mobile County Indoor Bins
Dauphin Island Marine Resources Office Southern Bama Shop
Baldwin County Outdoor Bins
Boggy Point Ramp Cotton Bayou Ramp Fort Morgan Ramp Canal Park Ramp Weeks Bay Big Bob’s Scott’s Landing Alabama Point (4 bins) Lake Shelby at Gulf State Park (5 bins) Sportsman Marina
Mobile County Outdoor Bins
Dauphin Island Pier Dauphin Island Campground Dauphin Island East End Pier Little Billy Goat Hole Ramp Dauphin Island Marina River Delta Marina Helen Wood Park


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